International Exchanges

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Are you an American High School and want to have an exchange experience with a Spanish school and discover Spain?

Denatravel will find your Spanish school

Our exchanges consist of:

  • Transport to the exchange town and all corresponding insurances.
  • Accommodation, maintenance and cohabitation with host families (the American student will stay at the Spanish student's home and the Spanish student will later on stay in the American student’s home.)
  • Exchange activities
    • Classes at school with local students
    • Non-academic activities with local students
    • Discovery of the area without local students

The great advantage of this exchange is that it is not necessary to make an exchange with the same school year after year.

Teachers and students can change their destination every year, establish new relationships and discover new places, all through the experiential enrichment that this entails.


The exchange project compromises the relationship of the 2 students that are exchanged, the 2 families that offer their house to the student and the 2 schools involved.

All of them will sign a collaboration agreement that defines and accepts the rights / obligations of each one.

Each of the 2 students participating in the exchange accepts and offers:

  • Open -minded adaptation to the manners of the host family as a one more member of them.
  • Open-minded adaptation to the rules and manners of the school.
  • Not to smoke, drink alcohol, take toxic substances, nor to go out at night during the exchange.

The 2 families that accept foreign students in their homes offer:

  • The accommodation and maintenance of the foreign student.
  • Involvement and treatment as if the foreign student was another member of the family, helping in communication with their non-native language and ensuring that their stay is as good as possible, within normal.
  • Include them in family activities during the weekend.

Each of the 2 schools that accept an exchange offers:

  • The participation of the foreign group (students and accompanying teachers) in the school's activities, for a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 days, from Monday to Friday.
  • Collaboration in 1 or 2 non-academic activities for the American and Spanish students to do together.


These types of actions are always planned to travel within the next school year.

  1. If the American school accepts the abstract of conditions, they fill out the exchange request form.
  2. Denatravel uses its database of Spanish schools to find a partner school that meets most of the expectations of the American school.
  3. Denatravel contacts both centres and presents a trip proposal and an exchange agreement.
  4. If the two schools agree, they confirm the exchange and pay the amount for the reservation.
  5. Denatravel puts both centres in touch in order to sign the agreement and develop a relationship, aided by a protocol and their own personalised tutorial.
  6. On agreed dates, both exchanges are carried out..


Price per student: 1.200 USD

It includes a program of 8 days / 7 nights:

  • Return flight with airport taxes, cabin luggage and checked bagagge (check available airports).
  • Transfers from the destination airport to the exchange town, return.
  • 7 nights accommodation, breakfast and dinner with host families.
  • 7 packed lunch provided by the host family.
  • Basic School Exchange Project.
    • Classes at the local school.
    • Non-academic activities with local students.
  • 2 free places (same services than the services offered to students) for 2 American teachers to travel with the group.
  • 24h/7 telephone assistance during the trip.
  • Travel insurance (medical assistance, civil liability and cancellation).

Optional supplements:

  • Excursions and discovery activities in the area.
  • Complements of stay in other areas of Spain or Europe.

The prices are approximate, and are valid for the basic program without excursions.

Prices are calculated for a group of 30 students + 2 teachers.

Prices are "from xxx USD" because they depend on several factors such as the size of the group, the distance of the exchange town from the airport, the price of the flight and the excursions program finally chosen.


In both cases, (exchange or integration) the American group travels abroad so to participate in the school life of a Spanish school.

The differences are the following::

  • In the integration the Spanish school will not travel to America, therefore it will not be necessary to welcome Spanish students neither in the families nor in the school.
  • In the integration the school and the foreign families charge money for housing the American students, hence the price is higher.
  • In the integration you can choose the destination, the dates, and the number of students that will travel, it is not dependant on the dates and number of students that the partner school offers/accepts because the partner, simply, does not exist. In general, integrations can be carried out by larger groups while in an exchange, the number is limited.

You can have a look at some examples of our Discovery programmes in Spain, where an integration programme in a Spanish school, could be added.